How Tanning Is Perceived In Different Cultures

Coming back from a vacation at a sunny tropical paradise destination will almost surely make you the center of attention amongst friends and coworkers. Everyone will be complimenting you on your newly attained golden tan with jealousy in their eyes, making you feel extra special and envied by others. Although getting a nice tan is […]

Relieve Stress & Relax Better Than Ever Before

Do you feel like you can never keep up with the fast pace environment of the modern day world? No matter how hard you try to find personal time to de-stress and relax, there is always something “more important” that you need to finish first? Unfortunately this has become the reality for so many people […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Tanning Pills

Sunless tanning is becoming more common in Canada due to only having a few months a year that we can tan outside. Most of these sunless tanning options have actually proven to be quite beneficial when compared to sun bathing. For example, spray tanning allows you to change the tone of your skin to a […]

Sunless Tanning Options

Now that the summer is coming to an end and we brace ourselves for the long winter ahead, it would be a shame to lose the golden tan that took all summer to achieve. Luckily there are many options for keeping your skin golden brown in the absence of the sun. A lot of people […]

Factors That Create A Higher Risk Of Sunburn

When going on vacation, or even just going outdoors for that matter, most people only worry about the direct impact the sun can have on hot summer days. It is rare that someone would worry, for example, in the winter or if there are clouds in the sky. The reality is, however, that the suns […]

Spray Tanning Pros Vs Cons

Thanks to tanning salons, we can maintain a beautiful tan all year round by using one of their UV tanning beds or a self tanning method such as spray tanning. Even in the summer, instead of sitting in the sun baking for several hours to achieve that perfect golden tan, some people opt for the […]

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