How Tanning Is Perceived In Different Cultures

Coming back from a vacation at a sunny tropical paradise destination will almost surely make you the center of attention amongst friends and coworkers. Everyone will be complimenting you on your newly attained golden tan with jealousy in their eyes, making you feel extra special and envied by others.

Although getting a nice tan is considered a thing of beauty in Canada and other western cultures, so much so that tanning salons are a common thing for people to keep that perfect tan during the winter months, it was not always this way. In fact, in many countries around the world it is still not considered a thing of beauty to have a tan and is actually looked down on. [Read more…] about How Tanning Is Perceived In Different Cultures


“…total relaxation of the mind, body and nervous system, enhanced creativity, idea generation and problem-solving and recovery from jet lag”


“my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth that night, and my brain felt as clear as a bell. and when i woke up, my skin (and hair) felt as silky as a newborn baby’s”


“…lie down and let the water carry you while mental clutter falls away”


“…my back felt lighter and more pain-free than it had in months. i also felt clear-headed, as if i had just swam hundreds of laps in a pool. that night, i fell into the dreamiest sleep i’ve had in recent memory.”

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