Benefits Of Stand Up Tanning

At Midnight Sun Tanning we have stand up tanning beds for ultimate results. As opposed to traditional shell like tanning beds, stand up tanning beds are another version of tanning equipment. The major difference, as the name implies, is the customer has to stand in this bed as opposed to lying down straight.

stand up tanningStand up tanning beds tend to have more benefits than the regular tanning beds such as allowing the customer to enjoy greater flexibility and limb mobility. For example, you can raise your arms giving you a better all around tan, getting areas of your body you wouldn’t normally have tanned like under the arms and inner thighs.

It has also been observed that while lying in prostrate position in a traditional tanning bed, the pressure points do not get tanned. In stand up tanning beds there is no issue of any pressure points eliminating uneven tans. Moreover, the technology of light is further advanced as the bulbs used are 160 watts as compared to 100 watts in the traditional tan beds, allowing your perfect tan to occur in a shorter amount of time.

Another major benefit of stand up tanning beds is that they are more hygienic. In the case of traditional lay down tanning beds the salon has to disinfect the tan beds after every use. With stand up beds, however, there is minimal to no contact between the customer and the bed surface, meaning there is much lower chance of bacteria building up on the surface of the bed. Whatever the case may be, the general consensus is that stand up tan beds are more neat and clean, therefore better than the traditional ones.

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