Dangers Of UV Radiation Exposure

Everyone knows that spending too much time in the sun can be quite harmful to our bodies. Even with this knowledge, people all across Canada still flock to beaches all summer long to bathe in the sun throughout the short summer months in hopes of getting a  perfect golden tan. Before you decide to do […]

How Does Sunscreen Work?

Anyone who likes spending extended amount of time outdoors taking in the sunshine knows how terrible a sunburn can be. Even if you don’t get sunburned, most people understand the dangers of powerful UV rays hitting your skin. With extended exposure UV rays you are slowly damaging your skin and increasing your risk of skin cancer. […]

The Science Of Sun Tanning

Now that the summer is in full effect, people are flocking to beaches all around the GTA to take in the suns rays and get that perfect tan they’ve been dreaming of all winter. But how many of them actually stop to think about why our skin gets tanned in the first place and what is […]

What Is Spray Tanning?

Having tanned skin has long been desired and considered a sign of health and beauty in many parts of the world, including Canada. People who have a tanned complexion are typically considered to be more slim and in better shape than those with pale skin. On top of this, having a nice tan can be an […]

Your Skin Your Choice

Tanned skin is generally considered as a reflection of a healthier and more active person in the western world. Tanning also adds to the beauty of the skin making the person more attractive and desirable. Although direct exposure to sun may be desirable, too much exposure can actually be detrimental to the skin. The ultra violet rays of […]

Benefits Of Stand Up Tanning

At Midnight Sun Tanning we have stand up tanning beds for ultimate results. As opposed to traditional shell like tanning beds, stand up tanning beds are another version of tanning equipment. The major difference, as the name implies, is the customer has to stand in this bed as opposed to lying down straight. Stand up tanning beds […]

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