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The days of depending on sitting in the sun on a sunny day for hours at a time to get that perfect tan are now gone. For the tanning enthusiast, there are now amazing self tanning creams or self tanners that help achieve the same results as the bright sunshine would. And moreover, these creams achieve the same results with less time and effort. For great tanning lotions visit Midnight Sun Tanning – Best tanning salon in Mississauga.

Scientist’s have discovered that DHA or Dihydroxyacetone is a chemical which is used to manufacture these self tanners. The very need of the sun to help replenish the skin is no more required as this chemical is used to produce products that when used give amazing skin tanning results. In fact DHA is simply a sugar, which when applied to the skin creates a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the top layer of the skin. This reaction produces melanoidins, a pigment that is brownish in colour creating that beautiful tanned look we are all going for. In addition to DHA, another chemical which tends to function in a similar manner is Erythrulose. When combined with DHA it adds to the tanning effect making the browning effect last longer.

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It must be noted that whenever, self tanners are used, sun screens must also be applied to the skin so that the skin is protected. Also keep in mind that these products only cover the skin surface and have no deep skin effect, thus, they are not producing melanin in your skin, leaving your skin less protected than a natural tan would. Therefore, it is essential that self tanners are complemented with sun screen at all times.

Although sun tanners are easy to use, one may do it themselves as in the case of lotions or might take professional assistance. Whatever the case, the lotions must be applied evenly and regularly, for best results. A well done tan may last up to two weeks, if properly looked after. Whatever, the method of use or application, it must be borne in mind that sun tanners are products used on skins , therefore it is important to choose those products that are good in quality and repute.

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