What Is Spray Tanning?

Having tanned skin has long been desired and considered a sign of health and beauty in many parts of the world, including Canada. People who have a tanned complexion are typically considered to be more slim and in better shape than those with pale skin. On top of this, having a nice tan can be an indication that you have the luxury to spend time at the beach and visit tropical places often.

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Despite all the evidence that links long hours of sun-bathing to skin cancer, people still flock to beaches all across Canada during the short summer months to sit in the sun for hours on end, trying to achieve a perfect golden tan. Even in the winter, many Canadians go to paradise island destinations such as Cuba, Mexico, and Jamaica to soak in the sun, coming back with a tan to only get compliment after compliment from their co-workers, family and friends.

Thankfully modern advances in science have given those who want a tan an excellent alternative to baking in the sun for hours, significantly reducing their risk of skin cancer. Spray Tanning delivers similar results to sun-bathing but without all the risk factors. And the best part is, you don’t have to go to Cuba in the winter to get a tan! Check out our spray tanning salon in Mississauga to get a natural looking tan today.

What Is Spray Tanning

Just as the name implies, spray tanning is a form of tanning your skin using a mist or aerosol that is sprayed onto your body. The main ingredient in the spray used is called Dihydroxyacetone, DHA for short, which is a sugar that produces a pigment in the skin once it interacts with amino acids on the top layer of the skin. The pigment produced is called melanoidins which causes the golden tanned look that people are striving for.

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It takes a short time for the DHA to interact with the amino acids on your skin, giving you a nice bronze look shortly after the spraying procedure. This tanned color is only temporary and will last approximately 7 days after which the skin color will slowly fade back to its natural tone.

One major difference in spray tanning to sun bathing is that during sun bathing your skin is becoming darker to protect itself against the harmful rays of the sun from burning your skin in the future, whereas spray tanning is a chemical reaction that makes your skin look darker only. Therefore, if you do get a spray tan make sure to wear sun screen and stay in the shade when in the sun to not damage your skin.

Spray Tanning Methods

There are two main spray tanning methods available through tanning salons which should always be administered by a professional for best results. These methods include:

  1. Airbrush Spray Tan – this method requires an attendant to use a spray gun, that is similar to a paint gun, to evenly spray your entire body with the spray tan mist.
  2. Booth Spray Tan – the second and more reliable option is to stand in a specialized booth that has several nozzles. These nozzles automatically spray your entire body in a uniform manner giving you a perfect looking tan without any nasty tan lines.



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