The following tanning tips were written by our Midnight Sun tanning consultants in order to inform you of some of the main issues of indoor tanning. Here you will learn all you need to know about in order to get a healthy and beautiful tan when you come to Midnight Sun Tanning Salon in Mississauga.

The Right Amount of Tanning

The difference between outdoor tanning (under the sun), and indoor tanning, is that when you are under the sun there is no way of knowing how much UV rays are hitting you and you can not control their intensity. When you are at the Midnight Sun Tanning salon you can control the exact amount of UV rays to suite your individual skin needs. A 24-48 hour time period should pass between tanning sessions because tanning in between may cause unintentional burning. Moderation is the key to obtaining that healthy and sexy tan.

Tip for Beginners

The staff at Midnight Sun will evaluate your skin type and put you in the appropriate tanning unit and give you the best exposure time to  induce a tan and avoid a burn, also our tanning consultants will give you a custom tanning schedule and the appropriate lotion that works with your skin for the best results possible.

What To Wear When Indoor Tanning

When it comes to indoor tanning you are given your own private room. This gives you privacy, and therefore you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Indoor Tanning and Eye Protection

The use of eye protection while tanning is of utmost importance. UV light may and will cause long term effects in the eyes such as cataracts, corneal burns and even blindness. The staff at Midnight Sun provide clean sanitary eyewear to each client who does not have their own. Having your own personal pair is highly recommended and may be purchased as well.

What Not To Use When Indoor Tanning

Remove clothing or any other objects which will prevent UV light from hitting your skin. This will allow you to get the ultimate tan. Also it is best to wipe off perfume, makeup and cologne as some products react in a photosensitive manner and your skin may have an allergic reaction.

Different Skin Types

There are 5 different skin types which are based on natural skin tone. The higher the number, the darker the natural skin tone. Out friendly and knowledgeable staff will consider your skin type when recommending a tanning session for you

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